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  1. Just trade ER2. All posts or comments on ER2 trading are welcome!
  2. Today, I am looking ER2's trading range between 657 to 661.70. If it drops below 656 again, looking at 653.60 as the next support. However, on the upside, if it breaks 662.40 with strong volume, looking for 665.5 as the next target.
  3. esu2


    when you are trading er2,
    do you pay attention to the other indexes: ym, es, nq ?

    For example, if er2 broke support or resistance,
    do you look to see if the other indexes did the same 1st ?

  4. That's the support so far.
  5. But from what I see, ER2 is the leading index. ER2 moves ahead of YM or ES.
  6. Too close to the bottom. Going long soon if 657.50 holds.
  7. Covered 657.20 to 657.50
  8. Consider to go long near 657 here. But it is nearing 10:00 AM, it always dips some around 10:00 AM, will wait after 10:00 AM, then go long for a trade on that dip.
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