The epidemic of gun violence and death continues

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  1. Five People Dead In Suspected Murder Suicide
    John MacLauchlan
    MIAMI (CBS4) ―

    A Miami man is suspected of shooting four people before turning the gun on himself early Sunday morning.

    Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Alfonso said officers were sent to 2852 SW 38th Court shortly after midnight after receiving several 911 calls about gunshots being fired in the area. When officers arrived they found the bodies of four people who had died of gunshot wounds in the rear of the home. Area residents told police a red Toyota Tacoma pick up truck was seen leaving the area shortly after the gunfire.

    A short time later Alfonso said they received a 911 call about gunshots and a home at 701 SW 33rd Avenue. When officers arrived they found the home and a vehicle parked in front of it completely engulfed in flames.

    Janseen Almodovar, who lives across the street, said the entire building and a truck out front were in flames.

    "We thought the truck was going to blow up," Almodovar said.

    Officers also found the body of the suspected gunman who had died from a gunshot wound.

    Abel Loredo, who owns building where the suspected gunman lived, said he the man had lived there for five years and had always been on time with the rent. While Loredo did not identify the man, he did say he had moved to South Florida from Cuba about a decade ago and worked as an electrician.

    Investigators say based on the initial evidence at both shooting locations it appears the deaths were the result of a murder suicide. They suspect the murders may have stemmed from a domestic dispute; the gunman may have been angry because his wife had left him.

    Neighbors of the alleged gunman say the couple never had any problems with the police and like to barbeque in their yard. The man's wife and her son had lived with him at some point, according to Loredo but it was unclear if they were still living there.

    Police are waiting to release the names of the dead until family members have been notified.
  2. Every year there is either a school shooting, a mall shooting, a job shooting or some other crazy shit.
  3. This year the number of these types of incidents is increasing...not just in America but in other countries as well.

    The more people are exposed to a behavior through media, the more they become desensitized to it, the more other people copy the behavior...