The ENTRAPMENT from dependency on the "Left - Right" paradigm continues

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  1. Scott Brown wins and MANY think that the ship is about to be set back on a proper course!


    You have been CONNED again by the never ending entrapment of the presented "left - right" two party easily you continue to fall into their trap of your INACTION through containment! You are still entraped into the highly dysfunctional thinking of true constinutional SOLUTIONS coming from within the presented false two party paradign. Now that you feel fresh political/economic solutions are just around the corner, and you will be SAVED from the obama socialist destruction, you will again let your guard down. Perfection, you have been psychologically CONTAINED again......ah yes, THEY know how to play you like a cheap fiddle!

    You Lose! :eek:
  2. Heck, it will not even take one year......only 6 months from now you will see what you get from the "Left - Right" two party CON!

    ENJOY! :eek:
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    You may be correct, but the long faces in the MSM almost make it worthwhile. That alone gives me satisfaction since I consider them the true enemy of our liberty. It's a plus if we also get a vote against certain assaults on our liberty, even if it only delays the inevitable.
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    I agree, I used to be a Republican, its all b.s. Its a WWF or football game. A big joke. This government couldn't be any more corrupt.
  5. Which part of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the most deadly?

    1) The Good?
    2) The Evil?
    3) Neither ... both religion and rebellion are deadly.

    Look in your Machiavellian handbook under "Helgelian dialectics" to solve this puzzle.
  6. Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss...

  7. Ricter


    You may be correct but you won't change any minds. Left and right are faith based, religions now.

    "If only my guy was in power everything would be all right."

    "While the other guy is in power there is no hope for us."
  8. Sadly, I think you are correct.

    The rhetoric of both parties is so disconnected from the reality of problem solving as to make it just as much a spectacle as the American Idol audition process...

  9. Quite right. I wonder if being slightly left of center qualifies me as an agnostic.
  10. A major break in the leftist socialist agenda and suddenly you become a Libertarian.

    You spend months defending Obama and his cronies and after getting spanked you claim to be the antithesis of Leftism.

    Go back to school.
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