The English Patient

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  1. Kind of like using a RT broker and paying $15 tickets when you could be paying 0.01/share or less?
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  2. Usual Suspects, Rounders, Matrix, Fight Club, Heat, Braveheart, Unforgiven, Wall Street, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Breakfast Club, Goodfellas, Raging Bull

    listing great movies is fun, but did we really need a poll just to point out the fickle nature of opinion?
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    Hard Times (Charles Bronson), Reservoir Dogs, Angelheart (Lisa Bonet), Cool Hand Luke.
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  5. TonyOz


    Preference, taste, style etc., are traits that differ from one individual to another. Comfort level and faith in a particular trading setup differ from one trader to another as well.

    If we take the members of the MTA (comparable to the academy) and ask them in hindsight what was the best trading setup the last year, we can expect to have a majority (not necessarily greater than 50%) vote on a specific setup.

    The beauty of it is that many of us (who actually trade for a living) will have a total different opinion about it.

    Without getting into too much detail, my "date" said that I didn't like the movie because of the following reason:

    1. She claimed that I was prejudice before we even went to the movie based on my buddy's warning.

    2. She claimed that I simply was not in the best of mood prior to the start of the movie.

    Although the above statements have a lot of truth to them, and if I was in the "right" mood I may have enjoyed the movie (slim chance, but possible), I think that there is a lot to be learned from this "normal" experience.

    There are many threads here on ET that deal with the "best" setup, the "best"chatroom" the "best" book, the "biggest" joke etc., that are very entertaining. However, I find the discussions also fascinating in the different opinions about a product or service. One loves something while another hates it.

    This suggests that a trading system should be tailored to the INDIVIDUAL's personality. But it also suggests that anyone of us should definitely have a first-hand-experience with things that interest us, regardless of what reviewers may say.

    Afterall, they "all" loved the English Patient.

    I think that what we can learn from ET about both trading and life is absolutely priceless. Especially when you realize that the posters here are ALL competing for your money. Be it us traders trying to take each other's money in the market or the vendors who compete here for our business. Yet, it is well worth the time.

    Trade Smart!

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  6. TonyOz


    lol, this is funny. Best = Discertionary I couldn't afree more.

    But in the above pole,

    "best" = English Patient

    This is why I put best in quotes :)
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  7. I've watched some girlie movies which were really good.
    My wife finally got me to rent "Like Water for Chocolate". Excellent movie, just saw "Tortilla Soup", another good movie.

    Lots of TA in first guys.:)
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  8. I'm not a ''value'' trader,but I did have price in mind . Waited until ''star wars'' got within striking range on my television. I watched ,enjoyed it then.

    P.s. Tony since you mentioned son Jordon in one of your books;double checked my english.:) He might read this!
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    Jordan (4 1/2 / M) has been waiting patiently for Episode 2 (in theatres today) and we are going to take him on Monday before his Hockey practice. He is a HUGE Star Wars fan. (Already has most of the toys :) )
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