The end of ....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by andrasnm, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. ...seems there is a reason why the movie Titanic was such a big hit. They are playing the violins while the ship is slowly sinking...

    I am no big fan of Kerry and the demoCRAPIC party - after all they are the real sell-outs. The GOP is at least honest about the fact who they are - gangsters and oligarchs - lackeys for the warped religious right and traitors of the American public. Democracy and fairness is alien to both parties. The best for the country is to start from ground zero.

    GW Bush is the ideal candidate to drive the US into the ground and create massive depression and fiscal chaos. In these times of course the ruling elite will steal as much as they can before they leave the treasury filled with worthless IOUs. I wager to say that default is not such a far out idea and despite no one would think of it now - it is quite plausible. The whole federalist state is rotten to the core.
    Any debt and liability will be challenged by the future generations and collecting taxes will be almost impossible during the coming turmoil. Bush is my man for that reason. We cannot fix this mess without destroying it first, he (Bush) will be doing his earnest.

    The multinationals would not be where they are without the US middle class and consumer, the fed and the two party system is only as strong as the multis backing them - when the multis are out the whole house of cards collapse. And take my word to the bank - the multi's are sick to the core. Example in case - this whole outsourcing and selling out the us worker.

    What many see as greed and malice is based on a fundamental fiscal need to cut corners and they have just started cutting off they own limbs - the us consuming middle class.

    China and Russia managed change without major bloodshed - we shall and can do the same. The multis will have to go.
    Marx have predicted that the mightiest tree will fall down once it has grown too mig for it's root. Capitalism has to come to full circle to the only solution is the small enterprise and full government support behind it.

    What I suspect will trigger the major paradigm shift is the end of the oil economy and failure of big business to accommodate the shift and re-tool gracefully. In fact they are late and they will never catch up.