The End Of White America

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    one of the comments:Million dollar homes are signs of false prosperity. One group, usually Jews, are free to be parasites and get wealthy by fraud, corruption, and inside connections.

    The Russian/Jew Mafia will never willingly be taxed for public infrastructure. The global robbery and concentration of wealth is going on all over the world as the state surrenders to the plutocrats.

    Global privatization is a crime against humanity. It needs to be prosecuted and the elites ostracized. Start the cleansing in Moscow.
  2. by the way ,i was talking to a muslim yearstaday he barely malking money to suvirive ,he has 8 month old baby and saying i gonna make another one soon,but you dont have money i replyed ,he said it's ok ,we will make it
  3. he's a fucking anti-semite...

    he would leave the world a better place by committing suicide..

    nothing else to see here...move along people.....
  4. don\t get wrong immressions i am not agaist muslim or jews
  5. sle


    So you are like me, you equally hate everyone?
  6. aha ,you got it right
  7. If you want to minimize disappointment in life, assume everyone is a completely useless POS until they prove otherwise.
  8. ok it;s getting warmer any other suggestions?
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