the end of the NASDAQ and other tales from the near future.....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. the nasdaq is attempting ( perhaps a last ditch survival tactic) to trade in increments less than a penny. this is suicidal in my opinion, i strongly suggest against it...... any thoughts ??


  2. dbphoenix


    You mean a ha'penny will do? :p
  3. Island was doing that for awhile
  4. UVLC


    ISLD been trading in 1/10 of a penny increments since decimalization. They were in 256's and 512's in some platforms before...
  5. I read that on the site too. Kind of sad to hear that, they just can't catch up. The MMs are getting beat to the punch by the ECNs to provide liq.

    SEC needs to just go ahead and mandate .01 for everyone.
    They are making it tough to earn the spread nowadays.
  6. I wonder at what point Nasdaq throws in the towel. It seems every month they lose more market share. Is the threshold 10% or 5% marketshare before something drastic happens? It is probably a telling sign that their stock is on the pink sheets rather then on an exchange.

    What happen to the talk of going back to wider spreads? I am sure that would help MM stay in business and continue to provide liquidity. If they can't make money there is no reason for them to continue providing liquidity and trading the market other then just filling orders which could probably all be routed to ecns..