The end of the Great Bull Market

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  1. Good morning faders. Wassup? I know that you all love me. I've read your fan mail. your follow up posts. Now its time to call a truth and come to reality. The bull market that started in 1983 might be about to end. We are at a point where its possible that the United States could fall into a depression not seen since the 1930s.

    If you believe in the charts like I do, then study my chart. Its very simple. You can see where the price is about to fall through a major trend line. Once again we are at a point where we scratch our heads wondering if its time to buy or go short. Will price fall through the great trend line or will it bounce up making spectacular highs.

    I love a bear market. I love going short, holding puts, etc. I read the slopeofhope on a daily basis sometimes jumping into trades with good ole Tim. Its not because I am a negative guy, but stocks often fall faster then they go up and more money is to be made by going short on an obviously bad equity.

    Thank you faders once again. I will read your comments and save them to folder so I can review them in the future to see what a lasting impression I have had on this site.

    My last word for today is go Swift Trade!
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  2. Nice chart. Looks like we are oversold into support here..... any thoughts on that?
  3. failed to break resistance.
  4. going to check your trend lines on a linear chart.
  5. Was about to say that. I wouldn't rely on a log chart.
  6. you haven't been around long enough to have seen a bear market. and also you lie about your positions so that is the impression you have left on elitetrader.

    and by tim do you mean sykes? lol
  7. [​IMG]

    not as impressive looking, but we're nowhere near breaking long term trends on this chart.