The End of the EURO. RIP...

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    End of the EURO. RIP...

    End of the UK RIP...

    End of the Dollar RIP...

    What does this mean?

    Steel and Mining are the basic indictors of economic growth.

    Yesterday Caterpillar declared 20,000 jobs cut. "Caterpillar" are the manufacturers are "30-feet high giant mining trucks" and other heavy & giant machinery. This means worldwide giant industries are shutting down.

    Mining industry is the base of all giant industries worldwide.

    Yesterday British biggest steel company Corus declared 3500 jobb cuts. Few days back Archelor-MIttal biggest steel company in world also declared 6000 to 10,000 job cuts.

    This means world economy is crashing rock bottom.
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    The world economy desperately needs "military Trillion stimulus package"

    One month back, a B-2 bomber crashed during military exercise. Cost of one B-2 stealth bomber plane is $1.2 Billion. USA has 32 B-2 bombers.

    Cost of one F-22 Raptor War plane is $200 million.

    I think military is planning to manufacture 1400 F-22 Raptor planes. The production is full-steam ahead.

    Cost of one Navy aircraft carrier is $10 billion. USA has 12 Navy carriers.

    When will military use these "military Trillion stimulus package"?
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    Oh what a surprise, another article against the euro from the british press.
    The same arguments, the same propaganda every day in the last ten years. Aren't you bored yet ?