The End of (the catholic) Church

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    Something startling is happening in American religion: We are witnessing the end of church or, at the very least, the end of conventional church. The United States is fast-becoming a society where Christianity is being reorganized after religion.

    In recent decades, untold numbers of people have left the Roman Catholic Church. In a 2008 survey, Pew research found that one in 10 Americans now considers themselves an ex-Catholic. The situation is so dire that the church launched a PR campaign inviting Catholics to "come home," to woo back disgruntled members. There was a slight uptick in Catholic membership last year, mostly due to immigrant Catholics. There is no data indicating that Catholics are returning en masse and much anecdotal evidence suggesting that leaving-taking continues. Catholic leaders worry that once the new immigrants become fully part of American society they might leave, too.
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    warning the original poster on this thread was a fundamentalist branch davidian... who is still a fundamentalist in many ways.

    Also note... the left is now going to start a campaign to marginalize the church as it fights Obama's leftist agenda of big govt destroying business and church freedoms.
  3. attack the messenger is a pretty childish ploy. its not my fault that the catholic church has become irrelevant among thinking people. the only question is what keeps you there?
    by the way i was born and raised a baptist. cant you get anything right?
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    Which has nothing whatsoever to do with what he posted, so it's just ad hominem. You guys must be really desperate. :p
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    I am against attacking the messenger unless the messenger is waging a campaign of intolerance and bigotry.
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    It's hard to keep people in the dark ages in a world full of space travel, world-wide communications, continual scientific and technological breakthroughs, etc. No wonder the Church tried to silence Galileo: they could see their sordid future written on the wall. :eek:
  7. when the evidence and facts are against you what do you have left? still childish though. its also anti intellectual in that you are not capable of making a rational argument to support what you believe. we are all used to that from you so nothing new there.
  8. Most people still believe in God by a long ways. Just like you.
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    I am not disputing anything about the facts or the article. Perhaps some Catholics are going to other churches. I have a family member who married a Protestant and now goes to protestant church and likes it.

    I am just pointing out your and now kut2's intolerance and bigotry.
    I support the constitution and the right of all worship or not worship as they please.

    We do not need leftists dismantling constitutional rights by marginalizing believers and they turning the force of the govt against them.
  10. which god?
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