The End of the American Dream

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  1. The American Dream can never end as long as there is optimistic people out there.

    If you can make it in America, you can make it anywhere. People have been writing the demise of the US since the 70s, but still is the greatest country to pursue your dreams in.
  2. well :confused: if u can make it anywhere, surely u can make it in america, no?
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    Wage earners are the last to participate in a business run up. The time to jump ship for a better job is at hand.
  4. "Business run-up" What business run-up ? Salaries have been frozen to inflation for the last seven years, and any increase in corporate profitability has been the result of cost cutting. You think I am full of it when is the last time you heard the phrase " pent up demand" applied to ANYTHING. I am a firm believer the feds goal of zero inflation is going to cause a massive squeeze in the next five years.
  5. Zero inflation? That means a lot of deflation to offset all of the previous inflation. That's bad, very bad.
  6. Asking the BBC for their take on the American economy is little different from asking The Karl Marx Institute of Havana the same thing.
  7. Damn, guess I better leave now. So where else can I start a company with less regulation, and a huge economy to support it?

    Damn, guess I have to stay!

    End of the American Dream my ass. I don't know anyone, and I mean anyone, who is suffering economically. Of course, my friends at least finished high school. If you have half a brain, and are willing to work, America is the place to be. Our immigration stats pretty much prove this one. If you fear flat wages, don't work at Mcdonalds!

  8. tax evasion keeps away a lot of people who'd otherwise prefer to live here.
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