The end of tax heavens

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  2. An interesting theory to be sure:

    Offshore Tax Haven Banking Crisis Coming - The high tax countries (G-20) are in the process of causing a lot of banking turmoil in many countries considered offshore tax havens. Their tax treaties are bound to cause a lot of capital flight from these tax haven banks in wholesale quantities. This is coming right after a worldwide financial crisis. This will make their corrupt and busted out banks look better by comparison. In other words their banks are so broken they are beyond fixing so as a ploy they will bust out the banks in the offshore tax havens causing many bank failures and liquidations. Their junked out toxic banks will then not look so bad by comparison. The desired effect is okay I will pay the taxes, risk the litigation from the aggressive lawyers in these litigation prone jurisdictions with a massive amount of lawsuits filed each year, and suck up the lack of privacy and bank in the big high tax countries since they are safer. Now you know what is going on, deal with or not, your choice! Want us to keep you safe, private, secure and strong – welcome.
  3. Their tax treaties are bound to cause a lot of capital flight from these tax haven banks in wholesale quantities.

    You mean the wealth will come back to the originating nations? That is bad news to the Cayman Islands, not the US

    As for offshore money, I feel zero pity for people who did so as tax evaders. The UBS clients who did so are sweating bullets, and should be

    As to offshoring your money to protect against lawsuits, that is still quite doable.

    This is only bad news to tax cheats and nations trying to shield them. Legitimate international use is still available.
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    I love tax heavens, and they will never close down. All your lovley politicans asking for that now, have their money there.


    PS: and forget about the 1. post about

    those guys are idiots
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    The fact that someone wants to keep his money in offshore bank does not make him a tax evader. This money may be well after taxes. And income earned outside of the country should not be subject to US tax.
  6. Read anything on GS and their offshore profits?....

    offshore your profit... and import your losses so the FED can subsidize them...
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    my point exactly. this is not about tax's about personal privacy, our freedoms. do i have right to put the earned money(which already been taxed on many levels)somewhere outside of US? the answer is no. why?because your government say so. here is a good example-,,id=105698,00.html

    democracy?home of the free? right...
    In Russia, where the KGB runs the country, they have more freedom and lower,simplier taxes. it is really sad to see,what America have become in last 10 years.
  8. Welcome to the NWO Bob. The NWO has been planned for many years and part of that forward planning included a universal tax system because sovereignty is demonstrated by the power to tax.

    Universal taxation is an idea that been argued over for decades but the surrender of tax havens needed exceptional events to bring it about. Tax avoidance is all about taking advantage of conflicting international tax jurisdictions and using shell companies and trusts to break the legal link between you or a corporation and wealth. It was fun to tie revenue authorities in knots and end up with a barter system where a voluntary payment was made but now the end is in sight for tax havens just as trusts were killed off.

    You can't have a new one-world financial order if it doesn't have complete sovereign powers thus taxation loopholes have to be killed off before final plans can be put in place.

    Anyway all SWIFT numbers for international wires go through the secret service so they know when and where you move money. They just pretend they don't know.

    Eventually it will all be one big pot with Big Brother watching everything you do from what you eat to what you put in the bin.
  9. can I ask you if you think it's a good thing that they are coming to the end or a bad thing?
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    Those that will object are:-

    1. Organised crime
    2. Corrupt dictators
    3. Somali pirates
    4. Those wanting others to shoulder their tax obligations
    5. And other various assorted crooks
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