The End of Talk Radio?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oddiduro, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Limbaugh said that he and his listeners would have to"drag McCain across the finish line". McCain got his arse handed to him.

    Hannity and Rush are trying to do all they can to tie Obama to Blago. This too will fail. If there was anything to be found, Hillary and Bill would have found it.

    Cunningham and Savage are throwing around the word facism.

    Glen Beck seems to be hinting at the End of the World, as we know it.

    The right sure is taking this hard:D

    Is the myth about the influence of talk radio over? They are really starting to sound a bit unhinged:D :D
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    You want unhinged? Listen to the Phil Hendrie show sometime :D
  3. they've made their considerable fortunes jacking their audience. that's the game babe nothing has changed. where you been?

    who luvs ya baby
  4. Talk Radio is shaking in their boots about the fairness doctrine. Good.:)
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    Liberal Fascists want to shut down the oppositions voice. Has a conservative ever finished a sentence on daytime tv? Once, even just once? Those liberal fascists always interrupt which makes the conservatives anxious about speaking at all which makes them look bad, not that a good looking conservative can get on a tv...

    If my political allies were tv hosts and viewers I'd be mixed in with a lot of really below average people would I not? That alone should wise me to something.........
  6. It is amazing how the right can toss the word fascist around when their views about blacks, mexicans, hell, anybody of color, gays, and most especially JEWS mimics the greatest fascist of all time.

    Simply amazing.
  7. True Conservatives wish for any citizen to have the opportunity to compete in the public economy. Let the paying public decide who succeeds and who fails.
    Of course, liberals have failed in talk radio. I believe because their views are outside the norm. Their shows are sophomoric and silly, so no one listens.

    For the Liberals to use the fairness doctrine ,a government mandate , to control speech on the radio is Fascist.
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    German Fascist: internal socialism, external anti-communism, people are children of nature, children belong to the state, education in the hands of the state, disarmed citizenry, elite leadership..... that is the American Democratic party platform asshole!
  9. And they called the Jews, vermin! Keep it up maxpi, you are right on track, seig heil!

    Of course, if you and your kind ever got power you would quickly round up all the vermin in this good christian white nation now wouldn't you?

    Intolerance is a sad state of existence.
  10. Hate speech. A rose by any other name..........
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