The End Of Public Access To Elected Representatives...

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  1. WASHINGTON -- The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is a watershed event in many ways, some of which we cannot yet know, but one of the clearest and simplest is this: Congress and its members are about to be permanently quarantined, physically isolated, from the people it and they represent.

    Thirty years ago, there was no such thing as security on Capitol Hill or for members. Members of the public were free to roam the halls, and police presence was practically invisible. There were no barricades around the grounds, and even the leadership rarely had any form of protection.

    The Hill was the very model of the People's Place -- and in that respect it was an inspirational symbol of our democracy.

    Congress began to close in on itself in 1983. A bomb explosion outside the Senate chamber engendered the installation of magnatometers; in 1998 a gunman shot two Capitol Police in an attack in the House. The result was a system of careful monitoring of all visitors and the extension of police protection to all members of the leadership. The 9/11 attacks led to the erection of barricades and new defense perimeters around the grounds; new inspection procedures were initiated after an anthrax attack in 2003 on the offices of then-Democratic leader Tom Dachle's office.

    The construction of a new Visitor Center now means that the public can only enter through a secure facility and can only walk the halls in tour groups.

    New even more restrictive rules are now inevitable. It's even possible that the general public will be banned from the hallways of the Capitol Complex, at least at certain times and under certain circumstances.

    As for personal protection, that is likely to be increased substantially. For the last year or two, some House members and senators have had unpublicized but substantial security details dispatched to their side when deemed warranted.
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    The Huffington Post has learned that one Democratic senator had a special security detail detailed to him for two weeks after concerns were raised about personal threats.

    But rather than have extensive details for each member, the members are likely to change their behavior -- which means they will stay behind closed doors here in DC and in their home districts and states.

    Following the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Saturday the U.S. Capitol Police issued the following statement and guidance to lawmakers:

    "Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities in Arizona are investigating a shooting in Tucson, Arizona in which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot. Multiple others were shot as well. Congresswoman Giffords has been transported to a local medical facility with serious injuries. The suspect is in custody. No further details on the motive or other victims are available at this time."

    "The U.S. Capitol Police are directly involved in this investigation. As more information is developed, it will be provided. In the interim, all Members and staff are advised to take reasonable and prudent precautions regarding their personal security."
  2. Thats good.I don't want to see any elected officials hurt, including republican officials

    Sad that I have seen ET members wish harm on President Obama and this from Republican officials

    "The crossfire is intense, so penetrate through enemy territory by bombing through the press, and use your strong weapons -- your Big Guns -- to drive to the hole. Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win,"- Sarah Palin
  3. There is very little if any outrage from the right wingers about this incident in Arizona.

    If the shooter had been Muslim?

    Remember Ft. Hood and how that was definitely an act of terrorism in the eyes of the klannish?

    But this killer is white...and killed an enemy of the uber right wing Sarah Palin it is all good to them.


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    Nice 180-degree turn from this morning. You really showed your ass today. Might be time for a new account, what is this, like your 5th?

  5. Agreed
  6. Eliminate access to guns and other weapons.
  7. As opposed to all those cheers from the left when dick cheney had heart trouble>

  8. I dont recall any left wing leaders cheering his health problems

    Obama in fact took a step to protect Cheney's life

    Cheney's Secret Service Protection Extended

    An extension of Secret Service protection for former vice president Dick Cheney – authorized by President Obama – officially went into effect this week, has confirmed.

    The New York Daily News first reported the story.

    It is standard for taxpayers to pay for six months of Secret Service protection for former vice presidents. Cheney requested an extension of that protection, however, and the president granted his request. The former vice president will now have at least another six months of protection.

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano signed an order to extend Cheney's detail on July 17th, according to the Secret Service. The Daily News says friends of the former vice president "have said he has become more concerned about his privacy and personal safety in recent years."

    Cheney is expected to request another extension when this one runs out. He has been in the news recently for his possible role in a decision to conceal a secret CIA antiterrorism program from Congress.
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    You liberals make me sick. Instead of praying for the victims and their families you choose to lash out and blame those who are as blameless as yourselves. The shooter was a liberal, communist sympathizer but even that doesn't matter now. If you can't be human under these circumstances and at this time there is little hope for you.
  10. The world is full of nuts and every now and then one goes off.
    Lets not repeat the post 9/11 response with Knighthood for all public officials and TSA screening and pat downs to enter govt offices. Sad story and i feel for the victims but shit happens...

    I do agree there would be a heluva lot of hoopla had a mexican been the one with the itchy trigger finger.
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