The end of perpetual auto leases, shopertainment, new tv sets every 3 years.

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  1. Back to the days of people buying a car and holding it for a couple of years.

    no more shopertainment, going to the weekend and spending 200-300 or more at the mall buying chinese goods and then putting all that shit in the attic eventually.

    buying a new entertainment system every 3 years.

    back to 1950's style frugality. People are going to get tired of working 80 hour days and kids never seeing mom and dad.

    I wonder if discipline problems and ADD will disappear as well now that a new society will emerge and parents will actually spend quality time with their kids instead of working like dogs to meet monthly margin calls.
  2. I have a Harman Kardon receiver that I bought in 1993 and it's still better than half of the crap on the market.
  3. Have a Sony receiver from 1973, found it at a garage sale. Top of the line back then, when Japanese were still over-engineering to overcome the kind of reputation we currently attribute to Chinese manufacturing.

    Weighs literally three times as much as any modern 48-channel 8 gigawatt piece of shit you'll find on the shelves at Best Buy. Of course, it sounds a heck of lot better as well, as the weight is all in the non-switching power supply and the massive heatsinks. Not to mention it can actually drive electrostatics, which tend to fry "consumer" amps even from "respected" name brands.

    I love that thing. It has spot of honor in the Big Daddy room, just down the wall from the fave valve guitar amp. Why would I even think about replacing it...?
  4. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    I previously liked to buy cars ever 4 or 5 years but not this time. I am on 8 years and I like my car better everyday. At 109k miles it drives as well as it did new. Cars just last longer now.

    Watch this. It is part 1 of 6

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  5. it's nice until you hook it up to a home theater system and try play modern formats such as 5.1 or 7.1