The End Of Free Markets

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  1. Central banks float rescue ideas"

    The above headline is from FT.

    The world "CENTRAL BANKS" are talking about using Public Funds to shore up banks world wide.

    This will be AXE to kill liquidity and "Volatility" in the global Stock Markets. The fact that the "WORLD BANKS"are coming to save the world financial markets from the "BEAR MARKET" is fucking un-be-leva-ble. This is Socialism on a grandscale.

    Why would anyone take the "short" side of any "Company" if this massive world plan comes to life? Why the fuck would you ever bet agains the financials from that point on?

    RISK? There will be no "RISK" anymore. No more "Cycles" of business". Things will just, be as they are. They will bring down all Markets to "Levels" that the "WORLD BANKS" justify and then, DRY UP LIQUIDITY AND VOLATILITY.

    This is not one isolated case of "SAVING LTCM OR BS", this is Saving the whole fucking Financial system.


    Nothing is left to its natural course.

    This has never been done before, not even during the Great Depression. This is beyond private banks coming together to save one of their own, ITS FUCKING PUBLIC FUNDS.

  2. "The Fed does not believe that the point has yet been reached when such drastic action is necessary and considers the discussions it has had with its counterparts to represent “blue-sky thinking” rather than the formulation of a definitive policy proposal.

    Fed officials are monitoring the impact of the latest barrage of Fed liquidity moves and interest rate cuts. They also believe the US has not exhausted all the options short of wholesale public intervention and further intermediate steps are available to them.

    These could include still more aggressive use of the Fed’s own balance sheet to boost liquidity in the markets."

    Dont freak out just YET. Thank god.
  3. very unlikely in the case of any institution caught by leverage
  4. Good point. This is a Socialism of the Capitalists
  5. Comeon man, is this a joke? You guys are just kidding right?

    :D :D :D :D

    Newsflash - The world is owned by banks.

    It's all their money. They start wars to make money, they lend money to us and charge interest. Gotta love that the Federal Reserve is a private corp. that gets to print money and lend it to the govt. and collect interest.

    Don't sweat it, the rich guys never lose out.

    It's more likely that markets may just become dull for many years. But eventually things will get back to normal. But it is always possible that 'trading' will no longer be a realistic way for an individual to make a living.
  6. ive been saying this for a while now, and i FULLY believe the fed will go in and buy the mortgages out there if the market slips another ten percent from here, or there are more banking troubles.

    its completely disgusting, but bernanke WILL do it. its the bernanke put on financials.

    people are already calling him a saviour and the greatest economist ever for his work, so it probably wont end anytime soon. its totally gross...
  7. Gotta agree with triple x
    Since when did anyone think we have free markets?
    The entire concept of central banking has always been sold to the public as a way to "stabilize currency and economic swings" - in other words everyone freely admits that central banking is a market manipulation strategy.
    That's the way it works - find a problem, tell the public you have a solution, then rob them blind.