"The end of equities"

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  1. Such a bearish statement usually marks a bottom.

    lets rally
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  3. What happened to "we are not in a bear market", yadda yadda yadda... I can go back into your quotes and pull out some pretty asinine statements.

    The markets will bottom when they are ready to bottom. In fact, I am seeing the indexes weakening right here and will probably put on a short.
  4. 11,600-12,000 is very strong support on the dow.

    Good time to buy
  5. S2007S



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  6. Nice EOD rally..hopefully it will hold

    but this post probably jinxed it
  7. Already back down 110 :(
  8. Getting dangerously close to 12,000 again
  9. 12,000 is meaningless.
  10. This is a tough market for longs.

    If Fast Money says to 'sell any rallies' if the market rallies big again like it did last Friday the rally will probably hold because Fast Money is almost always too late.
    Fast money is typically dumb money.
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