The End Of An Era!

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  1. friends, romans, countrymen....Lend me your ear.....I come to bury TM_Direct....not to praise him........

    Last night, i did the unthinkable.......I succumbed to pressure.....and bought a F*ing Mini Van....A fully loaded Ford Winnstar....I vowed in my youth i would NEVER ever drive a mini van, yet here I am buying negotiating 'dual climate control' and extra third row storage....Fortunately, I only have to drive it on weekends, but now i can;t flirt with girls at the stop light or try to gun it and take out the young punks in their supped up honda civics....I am officially...Domesticated....this sucks....does anybody else have one? Tell the truth and i do not want to hear from any of you young punks ok? Don't be rubbing salt in the wound here because your day of reckoning is coming too.:mad:
  2. i've rented them a couple of times when i've had to move, and i actually really like them...i couldn't believe it, but i did like driving it...not sure which one it was..

    they actually have pretty good pickup, so you could probably take a civic if the van wasn't loaded...
  3. Mini Vans ROCK??????


    Does this make me cool?
  4. It's gonna take alot more than a vehicle to make you cool, TM. But I'd consider the minivan neither pro- or anti-cool, so look elsewhere if you want to be more cool...
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    hahahaha a mini van ...this should be moved to the "gay" thread....hahahahahahah
  6. maxpi


    Get a Camaro, man. Beef up the suspension and you have a car that corners with the Lambourghinis. You can rent a mini van for moving!! The kids will hate the back seats in the Camaro though. That will give you a chance to tell them how you walked to school uphill both ways in the snow.

  7. That hurt man........really hurt.....:mad: .....Tell you what though, the min van will be awesome for my trips down to joe Robbie...cup holders everywhere and captain seats in the front and back, not to mention....holy actually getting excited about this mini van.....I am gay aren't I!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
  8. Camaro????? What is your real name, Sal manilla??? You from brooklyn???:D

  9. you don't think i'd be cool in this bad boy????

  10. TM, that is one funny ass post (even if it does belong in my gay thread). :D !

    Ps -- is that what they look like in America? man, that thing is ug-lee. The ones in Australia -- "people movers" they're referred to as -- look much nicer.
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