The end is near.

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  1. I didn't read those links. :cool:
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  2. Mvic


    There will no doubt be a market maker exemption so that this tax does not apply to the likes of GS and JPM just as rules against naked shorting don't apply to them and those of their ilk (who do you think was naked shorting Bear and Lehman). Having the deck stacked is the only way they can compete.
  3. Down .50% instantly + spread before price moves. Sweet....:eek:
  4. clacy


    The end is near......... for the Democrats

    There will be a bloodbath in 2010 and Obama will be another 1-term failure in 2012.

    Hopefully we can contain the damage before the November elections.
  5. I suggest that government get out of the way and let the market correct itself; capitalism, supply-and-demand and the open market among other capitalists have righted the market, WHEN the govt and govt agencies (the Fed, etc.) keep their hands out of the market's pants.

    None of the problems causing this fiasco have been fixed, but the bankers have been enriched. NAFTA and GATT's global idealism and theory of living-standard harmonization across nations, started under Lynden Johnson, ended our manufacturing power, so living-wage jobs are gone, without extensive education, and not everybody can be a Doctor, Accountant or Lawyer.

    Jobs will only return to the status of living-wage jobs if manufacturing is returned through militant isolationism, protectionism and nationalism. Without those, nothing will change the trend toward the service economy, which has NEVER seen a recovery from recession or depression, anywhere in the world. NEVER. Recovery of living-wage jobs cannot occur within the framework of globalism.

    And forget about the concept of a jobless recovery. That's just political crap-speak.
  6. clacy


    “We’re a proven job-generator,” DeFazio said.


    Umm, really?
  7. Flippers, appraisors, real estate professionals and stupid homebuyers caused the slump, wall street and the govt just gave them the capital to hang themselves. How about a national tax on property trasactions?

    ...Wall Street is perceived by many as having caused the economic slump, brokers have little political standing to try to stop it.
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