The end is near: Why only in America?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, May 17, 2007.

  1. Why only in America you see poor homeless guys with a sign that says "the end is near", and tell you -actually shout you- to repent before it's too late.

    Thirld world homeless are even poorer, yet they never warn you about the impending apocalypse.

    By the way there are lots of "the end is near" guys in Wall Street and the government.
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    Funny how those homeless guys on the freeway off ramps always seem to have enough scratch for a pack of smokes and some Thunderbird wine.

    Maybe the end is not near?

  3. lmao!

    Thunderbird or the classic 'Mad Dog 20/20' - in grape or orange flavor. :D
  4. funny...

    I would think there are more "THE END IS NEAR" doom and gloomers here that post on ET
  5. how come you can always see their big bellies hanging out when they're sleeping on the street. meanwhile poor africans can use cheerios as hoola hoops.
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    In America you have the Hell and Brimstone fundamentalists religious movements that believe in a coming apocalypse. Your southern baptists etc are not common in the rest of the world (thank god).

    Clearly a percentage of their members decide to spread their messages passively, at low cost, with the aid of a little alcohol.
  7. because they are schizophranics.....a delusion of persecution arises makin him state that the world will end. 1% of population is schizo in every region of the world. in some area u wont see them because they live and dont go cities they are usually homeless thus everyone can see the....its sad really.
  8. Because 90% of the USA is religious, unlike EU countries
  9. The end of what? Ask yourself that. Surely, the end of the USA as a world super power with any moral authority is a fact. The end of a world manufacturer of anything - true. The end of a world lender of money (we are hocked so deep that we never get out), also the end of a world bestest democracy - what a crock of SHIT!
    ...So those guys maybe are sane and you bigtime trader wanna bez on ET, watching American Idol on TV are the crazies......
  10. ======================
    I am curious why you are focusing on one sector of messengers;
    why not mention TNB[Trinity Broadcasting, Network],same name as Trinity Church on Wall Street.

    GS made the an offer to buy TBN , for Billion$, ,founder Paul Crouch has better trends to study:cool: And could even say the larger issue is NOT ot date setting- prediction/end ;
    but hey CrGarcia, 1 out of 1 people die[100%]

    By the way, central/South America has many poor, some rich.;
    they transmit the message much also
    repent or perish also.:cool:
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