The Empire of the Rising Sun

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  1. Japan is militarizing due to the threat of an increasing aggressive China.

    What do you think this mean?
  2. 1) The Japanese think they're better than the Chinese. :D
    2) The Chinese think they're better than the Japanese. :p
    3) The Koreans should be dragged into this soon. :eek:
    3) Confirmation of the obvious. Things like that happen during recessions and bear markets. :cool:
  3. Personally I think Japan is worried that China is going to settle some old business.

    I do not know how aware of Asian history you are.
  4. ?......My only guess would be "Nanking, late-1937", for starters. :(
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  7. So my teacher asked me to do a report on the rape of Nanking.

    First I need to find Don's grandma, and hope he didn't teach her any boxing techniques.
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