The Empathic Civilisation

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  1. Not bad...only took him 10 minutes 39 seconds to say the same thing Jesus said in one sentence.

    Love your neighbor as yourself.
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  3. well, she is looking gorgeous
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    That is a brilliant video and ties together in a nice format much of what I have been studying in recent times.

    I will make two comments though,

    a) The "world identity" is probably a ways off. It is too abstract. If we find life elsewhere, it will probably complete this cycle though. Jim Lovell is said to have had this experience when he went into outer space.

    b) He doesn't go on to discredit populist philosophy such as extreme individualism practiced by Ayn Rand groupies. There are people doing this research, and I am sure he knows of it, but I find it interesting that he leaves it out.
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    That is a terrible analogy. The bible also describes creation. If we had decided this was the final word, we never would have had Archimedes, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, ...Witten... or any modern science.

    In fact, if science is saying the same thing that Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad said, you should rejoice that we are finally coming around, not belittle it.
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    Actually, far more apropos is:

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  7. What an idiotic subject. There are plenty of poor and nonproductive people on this planet who are a hindrance on society and need to be removed. For example, India is paying people not to have kids because of the drag on the economy due to overpopulation. A better solution for them would be to build an incinerator and throw the nonproductive poor and stupid in.

    If any of these biblical bullshit artists were really a God, he would've warned of overpopulation and its negative effects on society.