The Emini Mastro taking a $1,500 side account to $1M in 14 months

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  1. Yes, another rags-to-riches thread, full of grand hopes and pie-in-the-sky spreadsheet projections dancing in the head of another losing trader predicted to blow their account at least three times before giving up on their trading systems of early retirement. Oh, the blind idealism and newbie rose-colored-glasses...

    Funds set apart in a side account just for this spectacle. If it blows, it blows. Balances posted are net of all trading expenses and commissions. Go!

    Balance as of 10/30/09: $1,430.32.
  2. PPT


    Just do what the "educators" do...

    "Today was hard, but made $2,800 and we had to fight for every penny."

    They NEVER show balances, just typing, words, and they pray you drink the kool-aid so they buy your classes...

    do that, and you will get your goal in no time.

    and then charge for online classes

  3. For how long have you been trading ES?? Even for a pro, you need a good dose of luck to get to a point where your risk drops to a sane level.
  4. Balance as of 11/04/09: $1,387.12.
  5. Are you going to post entry/exit positions, or just a declining account statement?

  6. what kind of ES trading is that?

    1 round turn and 1 tick loss or
    100 round turns and 1 tick gain - less comms

    looks like a disaster either way.
  7. gobar


    wow i thought margin should be over 3000 to trade Es future

    does it vary from broker to broker?
  8. Most brokers have day trade margins of $500 +- a few dollars.
  9. Balance as of 11/04/09: $1,478.92.
  10. are you going to post what you're actually doing?
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