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  1. Hahaha! I'm reading about lines being pierced, price waving, and things gyrating!!! With Christmas and new year upon us i suppose the markets will start jingling and jangling, and the fireworks banging....hahaha!

    Great thread guys, keeping me amused anyway.
  2. omg i almost posted teh h0ly grail but then I didn't!!! *WHEW* I'm so lucky.

    Seriously. wtf is this drama? This thread is for 3 things:

    1. Me learning price action

    2. Discussing price action

    3. Making fun of my terrible trades that I post because I don't care how poorly I do while I'm learning

    If you want to contribute, please feel free. But if not, don't post about how you almost did or something.
  3. Go someplace else goofball.
  4. Actually the quote is from dandxg.

    But what I said before stillholds.

    You aren't going to learn how to trade from a thread, you need a live person to show you what you're doing wrong.

    Lacking that, seeing a pro in action will help trememendously to get you right-side up.
  5. You know tool, isn't it time for you to get a life? :p :eek:

    Or is this the best one on offer for you ... :(
  6. ... and you have 50 more aliases :eek:
  7. Yeah, now all you need to do is wait for that phone call from Jim Simons :p
  8. thanks, i have spent months practicing, trying to learn the way a great trader would, seriously want to find a way for me to trade, no bullshit.

    i started a new thread in "strategy trading" forum, called "I Draw A Crap Load of Lines". I will be posting my charts everyday on there as well as research on previous days that have passed, kinda like a public stay tuned

    i might even capture my entries on video to prove how im entering, or to help people understand, cuz i really dont care to prove anything.
  9. No replies!

    I give you lot everything, and you refuse to take my hospitality!

    Price action.....wot is ellusive about PA?

    You lot will rot in hell, you are not worthy of knowledge.

    Price action is not a christmas cracker gift!

    You swines!