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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Pabst, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Can't help but lament as I surf (no pun intended) around ET these days. For a grand moment, what a magical place this was. Commisso, threei, rogue trader, oz, quiet but deadly, seanote, darkhorse, hitman, qwicktrade, dufferdon even Sarasota. Now even Chasinfla, metooxx, and Aphie seem to be getting bored. Perhaps there were only so many threads that could be titled "Who's the Best Prop Firm?" Or maybe some of the contentious old cats pissed each other off. Of course some of the afore mentioned could still be around using new aliases, although I doubt that threei is Jack Hersey or rogue is qdz3. In fact, is the connection between us so tenuous, so anonymous that if one of us perished from the earth let alone from this arena we call trading would anyone on this board know or care?
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    Commisso was a herb and probably could not trade his way out of a baseball card convention...
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    don't worry, @here instant classic is in the making every day.
  5. no doubt. this place is going to shit
    maybe it has somthing to do with the struggles out there
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    Tony Oz, emailed me and said he was leaving because of the whole SuperEgo incident. From what I remember he said the noise to signal ratio was just beyond his threshold. He may be lurking from all I know.

    But I do know that TradeRX, Vinny, etc. and all his aliases have really damaged this site. Many others have been turned off by a-holes like him who simply want to fill their empty lives by provoking and polluting this board.
  7. As a new member I must take some of the blame for this. I suppose us newbie's don't know the rules yet. Someone should start a thread of just acronyms and their meanings.

    Viva la ET
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    Without exception, every on of these traders you have mentioned had alterior motives for being here - I do not know what that means in the grand scheme of things...

    One thing is clear though, for the most part, the most visible reason people help other people here is if there is some monetary reward in it for them. A distant second is probably the trio boredom/ego/entertainement.

    A few help for the sake of it, but those are few and far between...

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    After perusing my list I agree that a few of those guys were... hawking chat rooms, books, or a prop firm. Maybe this was a place to try to drum up some business and nothing more. But there was an energy. What I wouldn't give for another Hitman vs. Bright thread, or a Tao of Publias. Don't get me wrong there are still bright (certainly pun intended) spots here, it's just that the provacativity is history. Without blowing smoke up a fellow Chicagoan's ass, hats off to you for sticking around and sharing.
  10. I got hawked today via "personal messaging" from someone at ETF. I asked what was being offered and there wasn't much reply. Of course, when I told him I have yet to trade SSF, commodities, just stocks... hello? I think he got a bad lead.
    Thanks for the heads up

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