The Elite of the ET Economics Forum: Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bond_trad3r, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. A secret forum on ET? I highly doubt that will lead to a positive NPV for Baron?

    The more page views, the better.

    What's everyone thoughts on this?
  2. I already PMed TGregg that it should be readable by everyone.
  3. It will become the Mensa of EliteTrader - a handful of self-praising traders who think they are special, piping opinions on Economics that have no more traction than three drunks at Happy Hour.
  4. So you weren't invited then.
  5. Invited to the circle jerk masturbation of the 'elite economic experts' at ET??
  6. wavel


    I'm not so sure most market traders will be overly concerned about a private economics forum, afterall, what has economics got to do with trading? :D
  7. <cite>Rather it is discussions about what the current situation and what are likely outcomes with a focus on how to invest to minimize risk and maximize return.</cite><p>Evidently, it got nuttin' to do with trading, it only be about investing and "elite".

    Groucho Marx pretty much said all that needed to be said about clubs, cliques, and elites when he said after being rejected by a country club, I would not want to be a member of club that would have me as a member anyway.
  8. what was the value of this again??? Ooo, ooo, I wanna be invited to a select group of traders who will be bobbing for french fries in boiling oil?

    Whn you have 10 economists, you usually have at least 11 opinions. 12 months later, they all have to back-adjust their prognostications.

    There is no such thing as a "select"group of economists. It is just a subset of the general random guessers population.
  9. Johnny


    Why would any trader not want to have knowledge about economics?

    Sure, a good understanding of economics does not help a very short-term trader in terms of taking advantage of market imbalances, but it is still very cool to be understand the effect of new government policies, the FED, ever-increasing debt, etc.

    Naturally, the longer term traders have more use for an understanding of economics than a scalper.

  10. They should call it "Buzz Killington's Rumpus Room" instead of "The Elite of the ET Economics Forum"

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