The Elements of Successful Trading - Robert P. Rotella

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gemini_315, Sep 16, 2003.

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    I would like to buy this book if anybody has it that would be interested in selling it.
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    If you can't find a copy you might get NLP for Traders and Investors by Terry Carroll. I see it at Borders. His book seems to be based on Rotellas work as he references it often.

  3. I read this book in the mid-90s, and I don't remember it being that useful. As I recall, its material is rather basic and there is nothing there that cannot be found in any other introductory trading book. The only memorable part of the book was where the author made reference to setting price action to sound as an additional sensory input. Memorable, but not particularly useful. (I think it was in that book, anyway.)


  4. I have it. It's actually a pretty good read.

    Is it fetching Crabel money?

    I found mine on about a year ago. If you are having a hard time finding a copy, I will lend you mine if you want.
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    Thank you very much richtrader. That is very kind of you. I do however have a copy that I am using temporarily and would like to get my own copy if possible.
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    Thanks Bigstone. I will be looking into that. FYI, while looking for the book you suggested, I came across a book called "The Psychology of Trading: Tools and Techniques for Minding the Markets" by Brett N. Steenbarger, which looks very good and had some very good reviews.
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    Look at both of Mark Douglas's books. These have helped me more than Steenbarger's. Ruth Roosevelt's books are also good.