The effect of TRUTH on the economy.

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  1. We need a new Constitutional amendment.

    The office of the President will be known as "Dad". (or Mom if a female is voted in.) All references to the title "President" will be replaced with "Dad" or "Mom".

    All of Congress' constituents shall call their respective Congressman "Mom" or "Dad". Formal greeting. Emails and phone calls and in-person will not be responded to by any Congressman in office unless recognized by their official title. "Mom" or "Dad".
  2. I think tort lawyers should be called Dad, the insurance companies would be called mom.

    These two set the rules on where we play, what we play with and what happens if we get hurt.

    Our real mom and dad help with day care.... :D...on summer vacation.

  3. That's a good one. So how do I ask Mom (insurance companies) to feel sorry for me and give me a raise in my allowance? My real mom and dad are always on permanent vacation (cruises and bike trips).

    Is there a tort lawyer argument maybe? Can Dad help me out?
  4. Why did they get to retire early and I didn't? Why do they have big house and nice cars and vacations and I don't? I worked really hard and did my best-est.

    Age discrimination maybe? Dad (tort lawyer)? Will that hold up in court?
  5. Maybe Mom can offer me an "income insurance" policy? I don't know. Mom (insurance company)? Can I please please please have a raise in my allowance? I have a child to support and must make child support payments. Come on Dad (tort lawyer) how do make that stick. I'll give you 33% of my allowance.

  6. Alright Dad (tort lawyer), I have worked really really hard and come up with fun good ideas and stuff. Can we sue someone? I'll give you 33%.

    Here are some of my ideas:
    1. a patent that harvests natural resources from ocean water and can clean the oceans of pollution. It is called "Trapping Discrete Particles in Fluids". You can look that up. It's real.

    2. a website idea for raising cash for books, and movies, and business ventures, and patent development. I call it "Book Futures". It's kind of like an for investment capital.

    3. a real estate idea to build housing for single moms (or dads). I have the basic architecture drawn out, the contracts, the ownership and management details all worked out. Took me a year to do that one. I call that "Kid's Courtyard". Financed by pooling education loans and grants. 3% of the single mom market = "lots of moola". EDIT: I designed that for rock-solid safety for mothers and children. No sex zone. No abuse zone. Safe and secure regardless what monsters might move in. Self-policing too. As I said, it took me a year to figure out how to do that.

    4. I think I solved monetary science with an idea I call "Promise Language". All transactions are promises to deliver value. I came up with that all by myself. I think it also leads to a physics equation that kind of explains life and karma too, but that's theoretical. The Promise Language protocol does solve money for sure.

    5. I have an idea to soften women's fake boobs that I call the Booberator. It might also work for clitoral stimulation while the girl shops around town. I also have a medical-like idea that might fix older natural boobies that are sagging. EDIT: I think the Booberator would make a really good infomercial.

    I have a few more ideas, but isn't that enough work for Dad to let me have a raise in my allowance? I am almost out of money and might have to beg on the street for food soon. EDIT: My real mom and dad said I was too old to move back in with them.
  7. You need to take time off from the meds, LOL

    The problem is the DEBT and the fact that it keeps GROWING and is already so HUGE it can NEVER be repaid.
  8. That is ONE of the problems. Do a search for my prior posts about the Federal Reserve and you'll understand debt and central banking and bonds and the solution.

    I am being facetious. You are waiting around for politicians and bankers (mom and dad) to do something.

    FYI, I am NOT being facetious about my patent that can harvest natural resources from oceans (and clean them of pollution). Technology is not there yet, however, the concept is sound and the patent is real.
  9. rew


    You want the real truth? All federal politicians should be addressed as "Massa". Then the sheeple will understand their true relationship to the government.

  10. Nah... that's overestimating their importance.

    Daddy, can I get a pony?
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