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  1. The only thing that matters in trading is took some years of research, trial & error & these people are going to hate me for giving it away. All I can say is - Sorry...
  2. hehe
  3. Nikkei down 1.24%, you could have known this yesterday, if you only had The EDGE.
  4. I just gave my wife the finger while holding our cat.

    Will this give me the edge and improve my trading tomorrow?


  5. You are missing the point my man, please look at the attached image & think about what is it that you are missing
  6. Okay, I looked again.

    I gave the cat the finger, too.

    (On a serious note, I think you're suggesting that you have to cut out all the noise, and do what you know instinctively, without hesitating)
  7. nope
  8. Mvic


    Right back at ya ya douche bag, with fuckin bells on :D
  9. I have actually been studying it for 15 minutes now, seeking some great, philosophical truth.


    I bet stoney would have a complex theory.
  10. Razor


    Hi is this some form of chart pattern (I am being serious), like two bars even, middle bar spike, followed by two more even bars that leads to some form of predictable price action ?

    Again, I am being serious.

    Cheers :D
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