The Edge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bronks, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. bronks


    It's talked about alot on these forums. But how does one find it? And if you do, how do you recognize it? Then implement it? When you do have an edge, why would you share it with anybody else? If I found an edge, I don't think I would share it.

    Is it a noun or verb? Can anyone put it in writing? Maybe the guitarist from U2 can help. Do I sound like Andy Rooney?

    As someone stated, "Until you have an edge, you're just giving your money away to someone who does." I agree. A very elusive character, this, EDGE. I want one, but I think I have to find it on my own. Until then, I'm edgeless. Unless someone wants to give me one.
  2. bronks


    Yes, I'm 3 steps past buzzed. Acyually I'm completely blitzed. Plus no p***y. Probably why I'm posting this crap.
  3. Rigel


    We all have our special days.
  4. An edge is very expensive; you have to pay a lot in both time and money to acquire one ...
  5. Rigel


    And during your quest, always remember
    Edge = p***y
  6. You ought to ask Bono about the Edge.

    <font size=1>That's so obvious it must have been said already.</font>