The economy is strong and getting stronger

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  1. Bush touts strong economy as markets churn
    By Greg Robb & Robert Schroeder, MarketWatch
    Last Update: 4:36 PM ET Aug 9, 2007

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The White House struggled for a second straight day on Thursday to respond to sharp losses in stock markets.
    Seeking to reassure investors, President Bush emphasized the health of the nation's economy.
    The U.S. economy remains "the envy of the world," enjoying low unemployment and inflation, Bush said during a news conference at the White House.
    "I am told there is enough liquidity in the system to allow markets to correct," Bush said.{F2502222-32B7-46EC-82A2-24A976C1A285}
  3. Speaking of Bush's statement, what the hell is it even supposed to mean? I've read it 5 times and each time keep going 'WTF?'
  4. Read: "Me, my family, political friends and close business associates (the system) have enough liquidity to comfortably survive (allow to correct) the market turmoil and housing recession. "
  5. And a day later the Central Bank has to inject liquidity into the system 3 times just to keep the patient alive.

    It would have been 400 to 500 point down day and a 1987 repeat on Monday if they hadn't, IMO.

    Bush is so full of crap it just spills out his mouth, that's all.

    I wonder what they REALLY told him to say? Or did they tell him to say that just for fun?
  6. MattF


    if anyone who's got half a brain believes that quote/statements...

    oh yea there's enough liquidity...we'll just provide it as we see fit.
  7. I have a whole calendar of Bushisms - 365 to be exact. Each one dumber than the next.

    This is what you get when you elect a President with an IQ under 100.
  8. So the market is off it's all the time. Big freaking deal. Let the market correct itself.

    Just because the market didn't make new high every other week, people are calling it's end of the world.

    Let it crash and the public will ask themselves why Wall Street are getting pay so much with result like this.
  9. Actually, I saw a statistic from a nonpartisan source a few years ago that claimed Bush has an IQ of 140. Wish I could remember the source.

    Anybody that has taken a basic economics course knows that the Prez has little control over monetary policy.
  10. Your memory is faulty... that was his SPERM count!
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