The economy is booming

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  1. If you go on a road trip, you will see every other vehicle on the road is a tractor-trailer. With diesel prices at more moderate levels, producer prices are going to create profitability for companies in all sectors going forward.

    I have the highway 101 in California in front of my house. I haven't seen it this busy in a couple years.

    I have been eating out lately and everywhere is getting more packed every week.

    30 year mortgage rates are already around 5.6% on If you combine this with the huge price correction in housing prices, you see a housing affordability at very bullish levels.

    The massive monetary stimulus the fed and treasury have injected into the financials is starting to work its way back into the economy.

    Investors need to take advantage of these mispriced equities before they're gone. This is a fleeting moment. Buying now will make you massive amounts of money very shortly.
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    Seriously. I had a bad day trading and would like some happy pills...
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    I am seeing an uptick too. I am an outside sales rep and I swear that I am seeing more trucks on the road than ever (recently).

    I think we have seen the bottom. It will be slow or no growth for some time though as Americans actually start to save a little and live within their means.

    On another anecdotal dad's restaurant has seen three weeks of higher sales year-over-year. There have only been a couple of weekly periods that were up previously, so 3 back-to-back is a pretty big deal.
  8. That's exactly what I'm trying to communicate. This post is about anecdotal evidence.

    About the slow recovery, I tend to disagree that Americans will save more. Americans love to spend. As soon as everyone is aware of the economic turnaround, Americans will be out spending like never before. Especially with all the discounts, people will not want to miss out.
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    After your call on T-bonds recently, I'm feeling better about my trade that I put on Tuesday :D

    After Monday's decline, I bought equities in my IRA account for the first time in over a year. My timeframe is long term.
  10. LOL - that is what I was going to say...
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