The economy in the U.S. is going to shit, and McCain wants to recall the 1960's

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  1. Good luck, John 'Cranky, Constipated' McBush.

    Good luck, Sarah, you dumb, Alaskan, backwoods cunt.

    (John McCain called his wife, Cindy, a cunt, so it's entirely fair game for me to call Sarah Palin a cunt)
  2. EPrado

    EPrado are really going off the edge as things get worse for McCain.

    I wonder how completely fucked up you will be when Obama wins.

    You are getting scary.......losing seems to bring out the worst in you dude.
  3. EPrado


    Damn .....Pabst....did the mods get rid of that or did you retract that insanity?
  4. Did Pabst say mean things about me?

  5. You mean Pabst said something that got cut from this thread? And yet the moderators left this moron's post calling a VP candidate a "cunt"???? Geezuz...that must have been fair and balanced eh?

    ByLo, you dumbass, please provide a link stating some type of evidence from a credible source that McCain called his wife a "cunt".

    But, whether he did, or he didn't, you have no right right to call Palin a "cunt", "bitch", or anything else.

    By that type of reasoning, if Manson murders someone, then you have the right to murder someone too. Geezuz, your stupidity is literally overwhelming.

  6. John McCain called his wife, Cindy, a cunt, so it's entirely fair game for me to call Sarah Palin a cunt

    Ommm. credit me for calling Hillary a cunt.
  7. EPrado


    Not sure...he did his usual song and dance about the good people of the jewish religion. Personally...I dont take religion seriously and laugh at racist idiots who run their mouth...but I believe deep down inside Pabst is a good guy....but ya gotta go very deep it seems. :) He either had an ex wife who was Jewish....or had his ex wife run off with a jewish dude.

    Suprised the mods let him go all postal like he does....
  8. EPrado


    Isnt it past your bedtime ?
  9. EPrado


    I need to get a it goes:

    Cindy McCain: Cunt

    Hilary Clinton : Cunt

    Sarah Palin : Cunt (I disagree though..she seems like a nice lady...but a complete wackadoo who has left the reservation).

    Pabst : INSANE

    Drew Brees : Piece of shit who cant lead The Saints to cover the 3 point spread.
  10. No, but it's past yours. Mommy is calling you, dickwad.

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