The Economist - "Going nowhere fast" (article about Hedge Funds)

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  1. The opposite would take place. I did not read the article. Could someone give the conclusion?
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    Es la Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada (see: Fidelity Magellan Fund).
  3. "Hedge funds have had another lousy year, to cap a disappointing decade"

    In other news,

    "....the Nobel Foundation plans to increase its investment in hedge funds, because years of low returns forced it to cut cash prizes in 2012"

    ..... this explains Barry winning a prize.
  4. OK, so "Es la Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada" is a story about [in]fidelity and the consequences thereof. Is that the link with Fidelity Magelland Fund? Or is there more?
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    Now that members of the public have found out about how poorly hedge funds have been doing by reading the popular press, we are likely to see huge positive performance from some of the better funds.

    I am personally at this point putting 100% of my investable cash in systematic trend following - a first rate strategy that has had a bad run in recent years.
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    No, I wasn't going any deeper than the book title. Everyone knew the guy was going to get murdered.

    Likewise, everyone knows that once a certain size has been reached, it's extremely difficult to continue the former rate of growth (performance). The hedge fund story is not new nor was it difficult to predict. We've seen it before with Magellan and the mega mutual funds, with companies like Cisco and Microsoft and with countries like the United States.

    There might be some exceptions to the general rule, such as cancer, but that's getting way off topic.
  7. we saw this coming a long time ago. The institutionalizing of hedge funds and their decline-- there is simply too much money chasing too few opportunities in the standard hedge fund space. However, niche type funds are still putting out heavy alpha-- the key is to stay with the small funds with strong investing themes and avoid the dinosaur funds like trend funds, and long/short strategies. these jokers are not long for this world----
  8. Man, hearing this kind of covel talk gives me the willies!

    very dangerous ----please post your results and the funds you are in-- i'll be interested in a first hand account--- but please don't sit through the typical drawdown--you may lose all your money/ my bet is the big trend funds will all be gone in the next 5 years... be very afraid
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