The economics of Islamic banking

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  1. Islamic banking was non existent not too long ago. Of course, it will grow when it starts out from nothing, but it won't be going very far. It just don't have the fundamentals to stand on.
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  2. If you think that image insults me you are wrong, I am not muslim.

    You posting that image instead of making fact based argument shows just what your level of education is. As well what's the level of this site lately.

    And by they way, I understand that you prefer perpetual debt based system that's ruining America right now, regardless, do you believe the rest of the world will simply march to US style capitalism FOREVER?
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  3. Some of you guys just love to be trolled....:D
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  4. Ripley and pspr are either Israelian or Nazis, which is why they insult Muslims so much. Both the Israelis and the Germans preached land theft, thuggery and genocide. There is no place for genocide in this modern world.

    We should pity them, but we should also forgive them. The stupid cannot be blamed for what they are.

    Once they finally submit to Allah, all will be fine.

    Anyway, returning to the topic of Islamic banking, it a national network of Islamic banks should be set up in the USA. Islam is fast growing there.
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    Troll. On Ignore.
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  6. Islam is fast growing in the prisons, among criminals and rapists. Your raping, pedophiling mohhamod appeals to the certain segment of the society.

    But, at the same time, a lot of moslimes are leaving islam in droves as well as they gain knowledge and they would finally be able to see it for the hoax that it is.

    I'll never be submitting to your moon god Allah and I have nothing to do with your moon worshipping pagan hate ideology. Thanks..
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    OmarHusein - best troll on ET.
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    I'd like to think this Omar asshole is just a guy having fun by playing muslim, sadly I know this is how many of them think.

    But let's remember people, we must be enlightened and inclusive, we must embrace everything non white western male. Diversity means that you should respect and submit to this bunch of dog hurl known as islam.

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    Long ago the Christians opposed usury, too.
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