The economics of Islamic banking

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  1. "I only shot them because they were Jewish"

    Jihad and Islamic antisemitism in New York City in 1994. "Killer: Jews my target," by Larry Celona in the New York Post, March 26 (thanks to all who sent this in):

    The livery driver whose two-gun attack on a group of Hasidic students on the Brooklyn Bridge shocked the city 18 years ago has finally admitted that he targeted them because they were Jewish, The Post has learned.
    Rashid Baz was convicted in 1995 of murdering Yeshiva student Ari Halberstam, 16, and trying to kill more than a dozen others in a van with a hail of bullets he fired on a Manhattan approach to the bridge on March 1, 1994.

    Baz initially told cops he opened fire because of a traffic dispute. But in 2007 Baz finally confessed that he targeted his victims, tailing their van for about two miles before the shooting, an admission that had never been made public until now.

    Since Baz is already serving a minimum of 141 years in state prison, authorities believe there is no reason to pursue hate-crime or other new charges, law-enforcement sources said.

    Detectives never believed Baz’s traffic-dispute defense but discounted the widely spread rumors that he was part of a terror-linked conspiracy.

    During a five-week trial, Baz’s lawyer claimed the shooter suffered serious trauma while growing up during the Lebanese civil war and was suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder at the time of the slaying.

    But in his confession years later, Baz said he first saw the van outside the Manhattan Eye and Ear Infirmary, on East 14th Street, where Lubavitcher spiritual leader Rabbi Menachem Schneerson was undergoing minor surgery.

    He said he followed the van and targeted the occupants because of an earlier West Bank attack by Israeli settlers on Muslims. Asked if he would have shot at a van of black or Latino people, he told the investigators, “No, I only shot them because they were Jewish.”

    Baz fired two guns, blowing out one of the windows of his blue Chevrolet. Then he drove calmly back to his car-service headquarters in Brooklyn and told co-workers he had shot up the van for no particular reason....

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  2. Misunderstanders of Islam shouting "Allahu akbar" bomb Nigerian police station

    The poor lambs. No doubt they were driven to it by Islamophobia. "Suspected Islamists bomb Nigerian police station," from SAPA, March 29 (thanks to Twostellas):

    Kano - Suspected members of Islamist group Boko Haram bombed a police station in northeastern Nigeria late on Wednesday, setting it ablaze in the latest of scores of such attacks, police said.
    Gunmen stormed the station in the town of Damagun in Yobe state, though it was unclear if there were casualties.

    “A group of suspected members of Boko Haram attacked the Damagun police station, where they detonated explosives that set the station on fire,” Yobe police spokesman Gbagesin Toyin told AFP.

    “We are yet to ascertain if there were any casualties,” he added.

    One resident said what appeared to be a large crowd of attackers were shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they stormed the building.

    Another resident said the gunmen engaged the police in a shootout before hurling explosives into the station.

    “They have burnt down the police station and shut down the highway... Everybody is indoors,” the resident said.

    Meanwhile two gunmen shot dead a police inspector in Maiduguri, in neighbouring Borno state, a police spokesman said.

    He was killed while shopping in the city's Gamboru market, Borno state police spokesman Samuel Tizhe said....

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  3. man, those moslems sure are bad. Thanks for the heads up. I might open up a bank account with them, but I'm not going to go out drinking with them in a Chevrolet if anyone has guns. No wonder Mohammed said to stick with coffee.

    thanks Ripley for restoring Elite Trader to the Christian site God intended it to be.

    I'm so blessed

    I guess that's the way you do it now. If someone posts something you don't like, you just keep posting shit until the moderator deletes it all
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  4. I'm a Buddhist. But, I'm a fan of Jesus Christ. Does that make me a Christian?
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  5. Hey, the muslims are a fan of Jesus Christ too... he is their second most important prophet after Mohammed. The Muslims have their jihadists and the Christians have their self-righteous, constitution-hating, warmongers like Rick Santorum.

    As far as Islamic banking goes, I agree with pielthetraveler that the 100% reserve-banking aspect is very appealing. The problem is, Islamic banking, similar to its western counter-parts, is built on shaky ground.

    I am not a muslim, but I have really looked into this. Original poster, when I read the hadiths and the Qur'an in regard to islamic banking and the prohibition of riba (interest), we also see a prohibition against using fake money -- i.e. fiat currency. Mohammed specifically limited money to real money, such as gold and silver (the concept of riba al fadl). As a muslim, how is it that you can support a banking system based on fiat currency? The prohibition against riba al fadl is just as real as the prohibition against riba on a loan. If islamic banking truly existed, it would be a 100% reserve banking system and the currency would be gold or backed 100% by gold.

    With all due respect, sounds like you need to spend some time educating your muslim brothers and sisters about what the qur'an and the hadith really say before you convince westerners. You guys are going to get sucked right down the toilet along with the rest of us here in europe and north america.
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  6. Islam is a hoax. It is very doubtful even Mohammad existed. Quran is a work of fiction, thought up and written by some mullahs.
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  7. Of course it's true that Islam or any other religion for that matter could be a total hoax.

    That's not what I am debating here. The OP clearly believes it is a religion, so I am saying that based upon what he believes to be fact, Islamic banking is somewhat of a fraud, just like western banking.
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  8. pspr


    LOL We will see you and your brothers dead first!!!
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  9. Islamic banking has no merits, it actually is very elementary and a by product of the backwards mentality of a certain moon worshipping illiterate cult.
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  10. LOL what a uniformed and bigoted comment

    no wonder USA is declining in power every day, heck you don't even take the time to research you so called enemy

    Islamic banking is growing at huge pace all over, and Jewish bankers are afraid.

    Well my silly little Jewish bankers, start competing!, offer better deal boys !
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