The economics of Islamic banking

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  1. Hello

    This is my first post on this site. I found this thread through a friend.

    I am an Islamic banker and will be using this thread to discuss the economics of Islamic banking.

    Read this first:

    Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, so it makes sense to educate yourself in what it means.

  2. Your going to have to be a bit more specific. What exactly do want to discuss about Islamic Banking? Do you mean its pro's and con's? Its effectiveness in the current environment? Its moral concept?
  3. What I like about Islamic banking...

    (from wikipedia) In theory, Islamic banking is an example of full-reserve banking, with banks achieving a 100% reserve ratio.

    What I dont like...

    However, in practice, this is not the case, and no examples of 100 per cent reserve banking are observed.

    Funny that you would come to a trading website to discuss islamic banking when Islam is against Trading.

    I like the idea of it, but I have heard that islamic banks can seize your assets if you are not a muslim. Thats probably why Islamic banking will never leave the muslim regions.
  4. didn't the Pope already try this? When it came to fighting a war, we were the only ones who could finance it because we were the only ones not living under the threat of excommunication.

    Sounds good to me. When you need some money, you know where to come.

    Sharia, Maria, we don't care, we will finance it.

    Look what we did for the Catholic church. There no reason we can't do the same for Islam.

    Have your people call my people. We should do lunch. We can arrange the whole thing for you.

    And as always, mums the word.
  5. Roark


    Not a problem, the Muslims are planning to convert all kafir regions to muslim regions. You have heard of the universal caliphate, have you not?
  6. zencomic


    Thankyou. Life has already educated me in religion and banking.

    A banker is banker, a profiteer, regardless of your sugar coating.

    Skimming a profit by buying and reselling the target purchase that is made with the capital, is NO DIFFERENT to profiting via interest.

    It is avoiding the very moral code of profiting from loaning money, by removing the dressing 'interest' and replacing it with another mechanism.

    So I look at Islamic banking and I think it as hypocritical as creating a Jewish banking system under the laws of moses :p

    At the end of the day, the bankers are there to profit.

    Whenever morals are tried to be incorporated into economy, they always end up diluted, or avoided in other ways. That is the law of nature.

    So what is there to learn about Islamic banking? That is just a normal bank like any other with a veil of pretentious morals, just like a bank might advertise on television how it is raising money for starving children in Africa. If the bank is advertising its morals, then you can be sure that it has none.

    Therefore, I see Islamic banking as just another "we are different" because we are muslims, as the westerners say, "we will remain different because we are westerners", for no other reason, than we do not want to be just like you.

    So this just makes transactions and global efficiency less than it could be, because of religous and national pride, well nothing is new under the sun, is it???

  7. Yes, the universal caliphate is an accepted inevitability. Once this perfect state of humanity has been achieved, the principles of Islamic banking will clearly be universally applied.

    The most important thing is that remaining kafir see the benefit in our banking system and bank with us.
  8. Islam is Death Cult, and is responsible for more people's death than any other single entity.

    Threads of this nature promoting an illicit criminal entity has no place on Elitetrader. It is time for a moderatoer to delete this spam.
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