The economics of dealing with Iran

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  1. Hopefully, we and Israel will attack Iran before the presidential election.

    Iran is getting increasingly close to having nukes.

    Once we've killed off the regime and its military, a programme of building and investment will be required in Iran. To finance this, we will have to privatize the Iranian oilfields, like we did in Iraq.

    So dealing with Iran will not only be self-financing, but we and Israel should be able to make a profit on it!
  2. They're not going to go to war just before and election!
  3. Humpy


    Why should the US fight Israel's wars ? The Israeli's don't even come up with a thank you as far as I can remember. Those boobs in Washington haven't realised it yet but Iran is the last big target for Israel to demolish. And the likely cost ? The USA is already bankrupt but can't believe it.

    Not hard to guess where Mr. Cohen comes from.
  4. Good.

    That will increase, not decrease, regional security.
  5. Eight


    Oh yeah, all that money to be made from rebuilding... Like the First Gulf War, where the US did all the heavy lifting and the Japanese got all the contracts for rebuilding afterwards.. No fricking thanks if you don't mind. If it's Israel's problem let them deal with it, not that they aren't already....
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    To hell with them all
    Let the entire middle east drown in a nuclear storm
  7. If you are including Israel within your "to hell with", you are clearly supportive of the terrorists and not of the USA and Israel.

    As far as I am concerned, I would like to see a joint NATO-Israel attack on Iran.

    The sooner we get this started, the better.
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    Hey just hang on a minute.
    NATO should keep well out of the next Israeli/USA forthcoming disaster. If it hadn't been vetoed the USA/Israel would now be embroiled in Syria. Probably being attacked by both sides. They hate the USA/Israeli coalition more than each other. Hilary doesn't know that but she should.

    The USA pulls its NATO allies into one war after another and then lose their way completely. Now that the USA has sacrificed itself and its allies on behalf of an ungrateful Israel, I say that's enough.

    The Jews pushed their way into Palestine by terrorism of the Stern gang and others. They have no moral right to sit on stolen land. I am not anti Semitic but the facts should be known.
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    Agreed on everything but really, Palestine had a lot of inhabitants? Palestine had a lot of stuff going on?
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    I would guess you are at low risk from being personally harmed by what you propose.
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