The Economic Solution to Isamofacism

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    Why I propose the economic solution? Because the war solution is off the table. Look at the humiliating defeat of the US in Iraq, look at Isreal's defeat in Lebanon, look at the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan 5 years later. You can't beat this muslims because they are suicidal. They'll kill you anyway they can - kamikaze style if need be, they'll kill each other to break alliances, they'll use human shields, etc. The only way to beat them is by abandoning any regard for human rights, and that poses a huge PR problem.
    The problem with Isamofacism is two-fold.
    The first is the cultural problem of Islam itself. Mohammed had a 6 year old wife amongst his many wives, and he used murder to force conversions. In short he was a genocidal pedophile - yet a saint to many - a huge culture of violence problem. The 2nd problem is that all these Islamic nations are economically isolated from the global economy (no Burger Kind, no Starbucks, no Playboy). You have a bunch or rich oil oligarchs with fleets of Bentleys who don't want to invest in human resources for the future (secular education, economic development, free trade, ect.).
    To be fair their economic isolationism has its roots in western colonialism. We've supportted or put into power every dimwit dictator in the region so long as he was anti-communist and pro big western oil.
    Economically isolated and humiliated countries often turn suicidal-fasist. Look at Germany post WW1. The rest of Europe humiliated Germany after WW1, and a very long economic depression followed in Germany. Germany eventually turned suicidal and fascist and kicked their European neighbors ass in revenge.
    Same mentality in the Mid-East. They been economically humiliated for so long by their dimwit dictators we've supportted, put into power, or help stay in power - that now they're just itching for revenge as they fall further behind the economic race. Even if you think 911 was an inside job, the next 911 will not be because the level of hatred against us is now 100x greater. I think we have to cool all this threat of wars we can't win and focus on free trade and economic development instead, that's the only solution.
    Again, the war solution is off the table. A bunch of Hezbollah street thugs humilated the 2nd most powerful army (Isreal), and Iraqi thugs continue to humilate on a daily basis the strongest superpower the world has ever seen.
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    for one thing, we need to quit using words like 'islamofascim', because it makes us careless in our choice of engagements with them

    iraq war didint suppress terrorism

    it fed it

    in a big way

    "To be fair their economic isolationism has its roots in western colonialism. We've supportted or put into power every dimwit dictator in the region so long as he was anti-communist and pro big western oil."

    perhaps that's why they dont trust us?

    "2nd problem is that all these Islamic nations are economically isolated from the global economy (no Burger Kind, no Starbucks, no Playboy)."

    ever considered that maybe they dont WANT it, and that's their business? not everyone worships at the alter of globalism

    they dont want burger king or playboy. i dont want to press (1) for English here in the USA. most people dont like their cultures modified by outsiders

    what we Americans have a hard time understanding is, that while all progress must come through change, not all change, is progress.

    we need to quit worrying about the cultures of other countries, and start worrying about our own

    starting at the southern border
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    There is something in Islamic relgion, culture or upbringing that makes them extremely fanatic towards the Islamic variables. We think countries like Egypt, Jordan, Turkey etc. are moderate and modern, but that is only outer show, peoples of these countries can turn extremely voilent and fascists quickly.

    Genocide is NOT the answer.

    Got to change the Islamics from inside i.e. from their own decision and will............until then economic, political, technological isolation is the way to go. When their economies and peoples will start to fall decades behind the rest of the world, they may change their ways.

    Although Cubans did not, nor did North Koreans, even after 20 years since Gorby decided to 'change of ways' for Soviets and others that they were influencing.
  4. ROTFLOL, you don't want bill oreiley much, do you? You want to see people turn irrational and violent? Look for further than us here in the West.

    Let me tell you, none of us are losing sleep over the hundreds of thousands of innocents genocided by our WMD in afghan and iraq now, are we?

    Depleted uranium, phosphorus weapons, 1000lb bombs in pure residential areas - we dont care about that, we dont care about runining the environment or water supply.

    Given that most of the destruction is hidden from us (it leaks out) but it is there, how can anyone possible say that we are not violent, fanatical, and irrational? Entire cities in Iraq - e.g. faluja and others that are surpressed - were destropyed by the west, snipers killing everything that moves. Destroying hospitals (errr "terrorists" - those people defending against the invaders could use them!!). That is a prime breeding ground for terrorism, what young man would not pick up a weapon against the invaders who destroyed his neighborhood. It's human nature.

    Ever seen the christian right? The 10 commandments do not apply to them...

    We are brainwashed that the enemy of the day is SUB HUMAN and BARBARIC. Meanwhile we "liberate" only resource-rich countries.

    Really, at Gitmo and Abu Gharib, their organized torture is not barbaric? Believe me, any red blooded american soldier would LOVE to torture the hell out of someone who simply looks like a person who killed his buddy. In fact in the USA this is now law - if your last name sounds funny, if you have dark skin, you can be held forever and tortured.

    This is about us invading resource rich countries - plain and simple. It's being going on since time began.

    What in Christian culture makes us so fanitical that we would oppress and genocide American Indians, or drop Atom bombs on purely resisdential areas in Japan? Yet, if someone did that to us it must be an act of terror, right?

    In 1991 Saddam was left in power for a REASON. Because he served us. No other reason why the #1 military would leave a 3rd rate thug in charge of an oil country. Now that does not make sense, does it? 10 years later he tries to deal in oil in euros, so we take him out.

    10 years of economic sancations later which only hurt civillians, we invade. So what is this economic solution? The West has NO problem selling arms to any country, through the front door or via offshore corps. There is no way the west would give up massive oil, arms, and drug profits with any country.

    p.s. latest reports show that Opium production in Afghanistan is at record levels, again! All under the watchful eye of the West. Pure concidence , I guess.

    SO we are to believe that residents of a country that barely has electricity, and more illiterate, and who only have small arms, somehow control the GLOBAL drug trade, and the most powerful military is powerless to stop that? Does THAT make any sense?
    No? Then follow the money flow....
  5. "we need to quit using words like "islamofascim"

    Yes, we need to quit calling them what they are, it makes them mad. Every culture has had its period of violence and oppression. After a couple hundred years people evolve out of it. These guys have been at it for thousands and show no signs of letting up. It's a culture gone off it's rocker.
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    'We are brainwashed that the enemy of the day is SUB HUMAN and BARBARIC. Meanwhile we "liberate" only resource-rich countries.'

    US went into Iraq and librated its people from Barbaric Dictatorship. Now it was upto people of Iraq to hammer out some process of government, society and economics and go about as a secular, democratic and oil rich nation.


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    How exactly were they 'liberated'? They don't look liberated to me. THey look destroyed. Before, they had a stable, peaceful country. The main problems involved UN and US sanctions on them.
    Don't be blinded by skewed idealist words of 'freedom' and 'democracy'.
  8. "A stable, peaceful country"? Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh today. You're an idiot!
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    'Don't be blinded by skewed idealist words of 'freedom' and 'democracy'.'

    I would agree, different strokes for different folks. People of some countries are better off with a 'whip' while others would function well only with a 'whitsle'.
  10. They are already decades behind the rest of the world - and what will they do without oil?
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