The Economic Cycle

Discussion in 'Economics' started by dajuicer, Feb 28, 2008.

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  2. That's crazy. Stock market's aren't anywhere near Fear.

    BTW... we don't have "economic cycles" any more... only "money pump until we blow up".
  3. Good Point--but the fear is just around the corner so maybe I should switch the arrow to denial?
  4. absolutley in the denial phase. every headline is bad and we trade up.
  5. I think we're just past Euphoria. What you say is true, but the markets show only a little Anxiety because of belief in the Fed, bailouts, stimulus, etc., to "stop the rot". I think all they hopers are wrong, but that's not what counts right now.
  6. Just like 1990. Things that make you go 'hmmmmmmmmm'.
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  8. here are the headlines on right now-

    -GDP Growth Remains Unchanged at Meager 0.6% US economic growth in the fourth quarter was unrevised at an annual pace of 0.6 percent, slowed by a collapse in spending on new homes and a slump in inventories.

    -Distressed Debt Levels Rise
    -Mortgage Rates May Stay High
    -Sprint Posts Huge Loss, Scraps Dividends
    -Thornburg Mortgage Debt Hit with Margin Calls
    -Freddie Mac Posts $2.5 Billion Fourth-Quarter Loss
    -Sears Holding's Profit Falls 47.5% on Lower Sales
    -Vale-Xstrata Hit Impasse, Derailing $90 Billion Deal
    -Bevy of European Earnings Fail to Impress Investors
    -Californian Suburb Vallejo Faces Bankruptcy
    -Mortgage Rates Are Likely To Stay Stubbornly High
    -Strike to Idle GM Pickup Plant
    -Dude, Dell's Earnings Could Be A Disaster

    this means we trade UP UP and away!!!