the economic conditions

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hanish, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. hanish


    what can we do to make the economic condition of our country better?
  2. Paliz


    Vote for Obama, anyone who studied economics would tell you that a transition of low income households to middle class are the fastest way to improve an economy. Not tax cuts for the rich!!!

    If you disagree, then your either rich or don't know crap about economics. :cool:
  3. It is pretty simple. Siphon off the cash from the wealthy and give it to the poor.
  4. "You're". A contraction of "you" and "are".
  5. ?..........your and you're?..........would somebody please re-open the market before people go crazy!
  6. As long as we're giving grammar lessons...

    “Urine” a contraction of ... “you-are-in.”

  7. 1/Stay confident and face life as it comes. Stay positive and face the music and keep moving on.

    2/I have seen Feds turn things around and they will.

    3/Have faith in your financial institutions and what a strong country you live in!

    Your government has done everything it can and it will keep cutting rates till housing and economy is bubbling again.
  8. Paliz


    Ivanobitch, ekskuze muh sbelling..... :D