"The eCBOT has accidentily cancelled....

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  1. several hundred eCBOT orders. Please check your working orders for the eCBOT."

    <I>Sigh....</I> How much is a CME seat again?
  2. Are you serious? What is up with ECBOT? This is 4th major incident in 2 months? 3 outages and now cancelled orders. Damn, if it weren't for ZG I would bail on them. I love that volatility though.
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  4. Already have an IDEM leased CBOT seat. Was thinking about a CME GEM seat to reduce the trading costs of lots of ER2.
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    thank, I just though that it was kind of strange that my target get canceled. After checking to make sure I did not have any outstanding order I re-enter my order but at a much lower level. Is this what they want? I guess they success :(

  6. They're saying side-by-side COMEX gold might trade on Globex soon...
  7. They say it was operational and not technical. Whichever, they are not looking good at the moment.
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    Be honest! Don't rip off customers! Taking someone's money without following through on the deal is FRAUD!
  9. So I have been thinking about this..........who is responsible if you get screwed because your stop wasn't honored? I have never heard of such crap.
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    BONDTRADER50 - Taking someone's money without following through on the deal is FRAUD! You need to refund my $500 from the upgrade airline tickets you did NOT follow through with! Don't be a cheat and a thief. Odd that after the transaction you cancelled your AOL account! mmmmm - guess you figured you would screw me out of the $500 - you knew what you were doing something illegal - huh! Other traders need to BEWARE!
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