The E-Mini haunts me tonight...

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Port1385, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. There was a lot of partying at the trading desks on Thursday. Irrational exuberance welcoming back the bull market. Now the futures are in the red once again.

    I expect a massive deterioration in the emini by this morning. The market will lose 100 points easily within the next few weeks.

    I stare at the emini now and it just keeps flashing red. It seems like we are losing a half point every half hour at this rate. I feel like I am on the doomed titantic watching the ES go ever lower...
  2. Down 5.25 currently. A nice little pullback to 820 would be nice.
  3. doli


    Once GS does their offering, they will take the market down. Until then, party like it's '99. But watch out for earnings surprises. GS doesn't always get it right.
  4. the1


    Perhaps you need to increase the Seroquel?

  5. doli


    Bulls buy anything. Don't follow the herd.
  6. I fully believe this will happen. we will get blackrocked!
  7. or is it blackstoned? I'm such an amateur..
  8. gold@42


    markets are in a bear market rally. What has change over the past 6 months? NOTHING! All i know is we are spending a crap load of $$$$ on nothing!!!!!!!!! I hope we can hold at current levels
  9. Corelio


    The market is on an uptrend until it is no more...

    The objective of speculation IMHO is to make money and not to make predictions as to what will happen next.

    There are only a few certainties in life...such as death and taxes.
  10. lpchad


    The rally has been mostly short covering. I agree there needs to be a real catalyst to propel a new bull market but we must trade what the almighty market gives us and not our biases.
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