The duplicity of the republican party embodied by Fred Thompson

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Fred Thompson is a good example of the duplicity of the republican party, and the complete lack of principled thinking.

    Most remember after 9/11 the way in which the neoconservatives and the right wingers reacted to anyone who criticized Bush or Bush's war agenda.

    France? People got in such a snit over France's unwillingness to embrace Bush's hawkishness, that they even changed the name of french fries to "freedom fries."

    You were either with them, or against them. No middle ground. To take issue with the president and his policy was considered an act of treason and fully un-American by the right wing.

    China, Russia, and any other country in Europe who didn't support Bush's war mongering and flawed policy in Iraq was attacked.

    Even Americans, including many veterans were attacked for not blindly supporting Bush.

    Remember the vitriol and hate that flowed from the right when someone was found standing up and saying they wanted Bush policy to fail in Iraq?

    So what does Fred Thompson have to say about Obama policy?

    In the video, Thompson tries to bolster his argument by bringing in China's opinion as authority, or some Euro's opinion as authority, and even some democrats as authority...the same Fred Thompson of the right wing who essentially looked at any resistance to Bush policy with the right wing sentiment that "America doesn't pay attention to China, Russia, or Europe or any country, nor those Americans who question Bush when shaping our policy."

    Klassic klannish pathetic old fool...can't get an acting job and is stuck on talk radio parroting the right wing agenda...