The dumbing down of ET's P&R

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  1. Most thinking people, conservatives included, would agree that the Right Wing "mainstream" has shifted substantially further to the right and is dangerously close to the fringe. ET's glorious Right Wing Brotherhood is collectively well to the right of this so-called "mainstream" and, therefore, well beyond that fringe demarcation.

    Isn't it curious that it it is usually the people with the least knowledge who display the most certainty? Possessing a mere nodding acquaintance, if that, they suddenly become experts ready to tackle anyone questioning their one-dimensional faith-based political and economic ideology. We'll leave aside for now the topic of religion, together with its attendant joys of intolerance and exclusion.

    And so, the question is: Why is ET getting stupider and stupider?
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    Can't you make the same argument of the left? Surely an intelligent person would recognize that. Ahh....nevermind.
  3. As the right wing moves closer to the fringe they become more and more ruthless. Consequently, their arguments must continue to be stupider in order to keep up?:confused:
  4. So what you are saying is that, like sharks, they must keep moving (right) or die. Interesting.
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    ET's very own Fag Hag speaks again.
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    Yeah balancing the budget is really stupid. Fringe idea indeed.
  7. The difference is that the mainstream Left is nowhere near as radicalized. By way of example, Obama wanted balance in the debt ceiling negotiations and outcome, whereas the "mainstream" leaders of the Right wanted anything but balance. They wanted complete adherence to their own fun-filled ideology.
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    You were talking about ET, not Obama. Stay on topic. It's your thread.
  9. One-sided balancing is fringe, especially when the Bush tax cuts contributed to the imbalance. But you only see one side, the other side, don't you? And what does that make you?
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    You are "projecting" again Gabby. Work on that please.
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