The dumb trades Index (or...the Last of the Mohicans)

Discussion in 'Journals' started by mgabriel01, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. my really dumb buy of 100 shares of BSC in Dec has finally caught itself up ------- its green now and whatever else happens I am not gonna be tha kind of dumb again

    So the last one still hanging - in the 'never take a stock tip from a stranger on the Internet' category is.....

    the envelope please.....

    The Stoned Investor 2008 pick of the year (# 3 on the list I believe)

    AMSC @26.5

    down a plump and juicy 30% in about 2 weeks... looks like some really good support around 12-14

    live and learn...........

    cheers Stoney!