The Duck is already Lame

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    We don't have to wait until November.

    Congress has decided to bag out of town early at the end of July without passing much of the present legislation being considered. Basically the President isn't going to be able to pass anything else significant this season. The Dems may "deem" a few inappropriate bills into law but they could be quickly repealed in the new session. Bills passed conventionally will be much more difficult to repeal.

    For all real purposes Barrack Obama is already a Lame Duck.

    Once he starts fighting republican initiatives next year his 2012 fate will be sealed. Every veto will be there for all to see, no chance to vote "present" anymore. He will have to make actual decisions. There are going to be alot of angry liberals racing around screaming bloody murder. I think they should be engaged directly (at least until they flip out). The left is going to be saying some pretty unbelievable stuff and they may pull out some kind of manufactured October surprise.

    At this point though it is hard to see what could put this adminstration onto any path to success. Rhetorically it is time to poke 'em with a sharp stick until they explode in leftist rage.

    Take a chance, confront a liberal. :)
  2. Take a chance, confront a liberal.

    The token liberal(s) in our family retired to FL and tar balls are washing up on his beach front property. My work is done.:D
  3. What is it with you people and the ubiquitous racism?

    Oh yeah and the insensitivity towards the handicapped cannot be tolerated on this board.

    Just thought I'd do it, before gadfly!
  4. My guess is that you are probably old enough and were politically aware in 1993? I'm sure you remember the Gingrich lead House take over in the late 1993? Do you remember the over riding theme of Clinton's State of the Union speech in Jan of 94? "The era of big government is over..."

    Then over the next 6 years Bubba Jeff proceeded to dismantle the entire Republican leadership: Gingrich, Army, Livingston on down the line until he finally showed a bit mercy of on Delay and Boehner? Is was a quiet bloody coup. And I was never a Clinton fan, in fact I thought he was scum. But dios mio was his triangulation and maneuvering a sight to behold.

    Do I think Barry can pull off the same thing? Doubtful...but we shall see.

    Moral of the Story: don't count the chickens because they may turn around and bite you right in the arse.

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    Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, the real deal.

    I didn't like him either but I did prosper and so did most of my friends. I used to give Robert Rubin credit but now I'm more inclined to give Bubba direct credit. Had Clinton avoided moral entanglements he would be very highly regarded in history.
  6. Bubba Jeff is up there and rising.

    Give me your odds on Barry pulling off the same thing as Bubba did? We're not betting I'm just curious of your opinion.

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    You mean a run for the center and then effectively fending off the republicans in congress like Clinton did?

    Clinton was very pragmatic and far more in touch with the electorate.

    I think Obama is a true believer and will not run for the center. I sincerely believe the adminstration is not fully aware of the angst that exists out in flyover country and will stay on its present course of transformation.
  8. so what 10-1....20-1?
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    barry knows he is a one term president, I think he knew that from the beginning.

    The real question is will pelosi and reid run for the center to try and save some seats.
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    I would say the Mr. Obama would successfully run to the center and then outmanuever the republicans with a probability of 0.35 so maybe 3:1. Something on that order. Just a wag (wild-ass-guess).
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