The drop in the US Dollar is stunning

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. It's in free fall down 3.00% today.
  2. what do you expect? Alcoholic solve his problem with more alcohol. :D
  3. This kind of drop can not be healthy, it's just to fast.
  4. Deflation is where we are going, across the board. Nothing is safe, from bonds to the dollar. Question is, what "Hard Asset" will be the next safe haven? I'm betting on Oil. But it's not gona happen over night.
  5. Ummm... You must learn the fundamentals.

    Dollar drop is inflationary. Gold is now the hot commodity - it is already moving nicely. Oil is dead for a while, since global demand has fallen too hard and we all know OPEC has plenty of supply margin for a while so 'peak oil' speculation won't happen anytime soon.
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    it went up 50% in a month versus some other currencies.

    currency market is more profitable and liquid than financial instrument out there.

    it's a tug a war with US wanting to devalue their currency and other countries wanting to devalue their currency.

    USD is still the global currency reserve.

    until OPEC accepts the YUAN for payment for oil and other agricultural goods, the USD is still the global reserve.

  7. Don't get fancy. Gold.
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    smart money leaves the us...

    as it becomes more and more obvious washington wants to inflate itself out of their problems/debts...
  9. Now down 4.17%, hummm this is what happens when the fed starts screwing things up with all there stupid efforts to prop everything up, gosh we need to abolish these idiots.
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    The explanation for this move is quite simple:

    A friend told me last week that Prechter's EWT said the dollar and euro currency were in a 4th wave triangle and that the next move for the dollar was a 5th wave up / for the euro a 5th wave down.

    Since the EWT has a such a high probability of being wrong just before a 3rd wave explosion, the "markets" wanted to keep their track record intact.
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