The Dow Zero Insurgency

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  1. The Dow Zero Insurgency
    The nothing-can-be-believed chaos of the financial crisis created a golden opportunity for a blog run by a mysterious ex-hedge-funder with a dodgy past and conspiracy theories to burn.

    * By Joe Hagan
    * Published Sep 27, 2009

    [​IMG]Last spring, in a far corner of the Internet, an unknown blogger began to piece together a conspiracy theory: The investment bank Goldman Sachs was using sophisticated, high-speed computers to siphon hundreds of millions of dollars in illegitimate trading profits from the New York Stock Exchange, invisibly undercutting the market and sidestepping the regulatory reach of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. I read this article already and it just goes to show you how pathetic the MSM is. And scared too.

    When the financial blogosphere, comedians such as Jon Stewart, and a journalist from Rolling Stone, Taibbi, are more credible than CNBC cheerleaders and other MSM sources - it's no surprise that the MSM media is taking a hit and losing viewers/readers.

    I still laugh when I recall all those talking heads in the MSM saying "no one saw this coming!"

    How pathetic. Those losers deserve to lose their audience, and their jobs.
  3. I especially liked it when GreenScam, as soon as he was out of the Fed, called a press conference to proclaim, "It* wasn't MY fault"... :(

    * It = "anything bad"