The Dow Was Untradeable This Week!!!

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  1. No movement, moved extremely slow, and like watching paint dry besides a couple of blowing out stops episodes on T,W, TH. It was a sharp contrast to the previous week where it was great to trade, had one day of Dow (175) point trading range, and moved fast, and all over the place. It was like the pros left the keys to the trading machines to the rookies while on vacation with instructions not to screw up things by being very creative. Another week like this and I am going to natural gas, crude markets to trade!!!
  2. lite volumes leading to long week-end. even er2 was pretty much stuck in no mans land...3 points ranges in the past 2 days. still money to be made tho, just take advantage of the increased liquidity and trade bigger.
  3. couldn`t get DNDN shares to short from IB, so didn`t want to play that just from the long end, or I would have played with that one this week. Need to find the next Bidu, fast moving, wide ranges, with shares available both long and short.
  4. this week was a good one for my fund - up 2 1/2% WTD as of right now....that's up 11% YTD already.

    Go go inspector gadget.....errr, I mean market action :D
  5. No offensive, those of the Jewish faith, but this week is Passover. Alot of Jews participate in the market. When they are gone volume is going to decline. Next year I will think about taking this week off. Let's not forget also that today is a holiday for Christians and the market is closed. I am marking the calendar now. Enjoy the day off fellow traders. :)
  6. Hey Hey!!!!! I am Christian, and I dont celebrate Pagan Holidays such as Easter, no matter how they dress it up.
  7. Yeah, but the look in the little kids's eyes when they get their
    Easter basket makes it worth giving them one.

    And watching them look for Easter eggs in an Easter egg hunt
    is priceless.

    So who gives a crap whether it is "Pagan" or not?

    Don't worry. Be happy.
  8. Borat would agree. They take everybody's money and never give it back. Without them taking retail traders money this week a significant amount of price action is gone from the market.
  9. the dow was VERY VERY tradeable this week.

    in fact, this was an above average week for me.

    if you found it untradeable, then your trading methods are the problem NOT the dow.

    you have to have methodologies and setups that

    recognize the character of the market. if you cannot trade a means reversion market vs. a breakout style market, then either learn how to trade it - or DON'T trade.

    one of the surest ways to lose money in trading is to try to get the market to fit into a narrow paradigm. low volatility environments are VERY tradeable (especially as a scalper).

    don't blame the market. the answer lies within.
  10. you must be a below average trader if that was a good weak for you this week compared to the previous week whistle boy. I took out 22,000 the previous week, and this week, there is no way you took out anywhere near that amount. Save the bullshit for the newbies, everything is relative. And whatever you made this week from the dow, wouldn`t be worth my time. I expect to make 4,000 a day minimum in any market I trade, that is my daily goal. The damn dow just sat there taking forever to move a lousy 3 points for much of the week. I would rather take a day of chinease water torture than go through another day of watching grass grow lie the dow this past week. Whistle boy I am sure you pulled out your 1,500 a day trading 30 cars for 2 points; but you can`t trade if you didn`t make 3 times that amount last week! Everything is relative for traders, and I am trying to maximize my time, risk/reward ratio, enjoyment factor, and capital. And trading a "dead market" is not the best use of my time as a trader. And if you have ever made 115,000 in a single day (did that one day on Bidu) that`s the greatest feeling/fun you can have as a trader, and definately something to keep as a benchmark for the type of market you want to trade in:)
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